all natural goat milk soap with shea butter
All Natural Lip Balm Sticks

available in 6 different scents
find your match in the scent chart below


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Just Minerals Cosmetics Lip Balm

Our mission is to use natural ingredients as much as possible. Our lip balms are eco-friendly (do not contain any petrolatum by-products) and used all natural minerals to color our lip balm. All of the balms do not contain beeswax. All vegans.


scent chart
shade name prodcut no. volume availability  
lightly tinted---chocolate chocolate devil food cake cl24002dc pot in stock
lightly tinted---orangey pink mango tango cl24002mt pot in stock
with natural vitamin E peppermint essential oil cl24002pm pot in stock
pina colada cl24002pc pot in stock
lightly tinted---sheer pink raspberry blitz cl24002rb pot in stock
tart green apple cl24002ta pot. in stock
unflavored original cl24002uo pot in stock