natrual goat milk cream
Hawaiian & Dead Sea Salt Scrub

available in 6 different scents
find your match in the scent chart below

$12.00 SALE $8.00

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All Hawaiian & Dead Sea Salt Scrub in 6 different aromatherapy blends. Angel, Chamomile Neroli EO, and Rose Garden essential oil blend are came with bath tea like picture shown.

USAGE TIPS:for bath tea salt scrubs, use a shower grate when draining tub or shower to avoid clogging.

scent chart
shade name prodcut no. volume availability  
+bath tea
cb23004an 8oz jar in stock
black raspberry vanilla
cb23004bv 8oz jar in stock
chamomile & neroli
+bath tea
cb23004chl 8oz jar in stock
sleep time
lavender and vanilla essential oil
cb23004st 8oz jar in stock
Peppermint Essential
cb23004pe 8oz jar in stock
Rose Garden
essential oil blend  +bath tea
cb23004er 8oz jar in stock