natrual goat milk cream
all natural goat milk cream

available in 10 different scents
find your match in the scent chart below


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All natural goat milk cream with Shea butter. Smooth, non-greasy formula that will melt into your skin instantly. Goat Milk is 3X more moisturizing than cow's milk. Goat's milk is high in vitamins and minerals and contains lactic acid.

Lactic acid is a colorless natural substance, derived from sour milk, and non-bovine sources such as fresh goat's milk. It was discovered over 200 years ago in fermented milk. It is known that Cleopatra and other women used to bathe in sour milk to obtain beautiful skin.

USAGE TIPS: Gently apply a small amount of product using fingertip. -Use after cleansing in the morning and evening.

scent chart
shade name prodcut no. volume availability  
cb22001an 4oz. in stock
black raspberry vanilla
cb22001bv 4oz. in stock
brown sugar & fig
cb22001bf 4oz. in stock
chamomile & lavender essential oil
cb22001chl 4oz. in stock
country apple
cb22001ca 4oz. in stock
honey almond essential oil
cb22001ha 4oz. in stock
lemon sugar
cb22001ls 4oz. in stock
oatmeal, milk and honey
cb22001oh 4oz. in stock
sleep time
lavender and vanilla essential oil
cb22001st 4oz. in stock
white tea ginger
cb22001wg 4oz. in stock