Just Mineral Foundation

in sifter jar

available in 12 different shade
find your match in the color chart below

$12.00 - $18.00

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insert description here

for example: Just Minerals Cosmetics is based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Our mission is to craft the simple, natural looking makeup using the minerals mined from earth. With using the skin nourishing natural ingredients and the environment in mind. We firmly believed in using natural ingredients would create a more beautiful world, inside and out.

color chart
shade name prodcut no. volume price availability  
fair mf11001a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11001b large $18.00 in stock
fair 1.0 mf11002a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11002b large $18.00 in stock
neutral mf11003a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11003b large $18.00 in stock
cream mf11004a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11004b large $18.00 in stock
fairly light mf11005a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11005b large $18.00 in stock
medium mf11006a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11006b large $18.00 in stock
medium beige mf11007a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11007b large $18.00 in stock
beige mf11008a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11008b large $18.00 in stock
honey beige mf11009a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11009b large $18.00 in stock
warm beige mf11010a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11010b large $18.00 in stock
tan mf11011a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11011b large $18.00 in stock
dark mf11012a regular $12.00 in stock
    mf11012b large $18.00 in stock